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How Plume’s Adaptive WiFi conserves energy with no impact to Quality of Experience (QoE)

Even as more and more devices require WiFi connectivity to perform their basic functions, most are built with the idea that they will, at times, turn off and disconnect. Until now, home networking equipment operates in an “always-on” manner; typically they have no such feature to fluctuate based on usage and instead will continue operating at the same energy consumption level around the clock. In this whitepaper, Plume demonstrates how it is possible to intelligently manage a network to lessen the energy demands of the customer premise equipment (CPE) without impeding on the quality of experience (QoE) of the user. By learning how a home or business operates, Plume can proactively steer devices to reduce power consumption.

Plume’s efforts in the energy optimization of our networking hardware can provide real value and in this whitepaper, we delve into the following questions: 

  • What is the current balance between QoE and energy savings?

  • How can a network intelligently limit excess electricity usage?

  • What is the average energy savings and how big can the impact be at a global scale?

Download our Energy Adapt Optimization Whitepaper

“As leaders in broadband technology, we know that the modern smart home requires a personalized approach tailored to each person, home and device. Plume does just that.” – Matt Weller, President

“While we know that Plume self-optimizes daily with real-time data usage in order to prioritize bandwidth when and where it’s needed, all our customers know is that an easy self-installation leads to a robust wall-to-wall Wi-Fi experience” – Matthew L. Dosch, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

“The value that Plume has brought us in terms of both new revenue opportunities and reduced truck rolls was recognized almost immediately. But most importantly, our customers love it!” – Steve Frey, General Manager

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