The intelligent home tech and market update with Plume CTO Bill McFarland

WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E require more management than WiFi 5, not less. Plume Chief Technology Officer Bill McFarland explains why and what Communications Service Providers can do to achieve the full potential of this new technology.


WiFi 6E makes its way into the market with plenty of promises, including additional 6 GHz spectrum capacity, faster wireless speeds, and lower latencies. It also comes with its complexities. To achieve WiFi 6E’s true potential, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) will need sophisticated management.

In this keynote, presented by Wi-Fi NOW, Plume CTO Bill McFarland shares his insights on how CSPs can successfully roll out WiFi 6E and deliver on all its promises to their subscribers.

Watch it to learn:

4 mistakes to avoid
so that your subscribers can enjoy the full benefits of WiFi 6E.
How to leverage Plume's
cloud-controlled management system
that communicates with and configures the access points in subscribers’ smart homes and small businesses to improve the quality of their experience.
4 pillars of successful WiFi 6E management
to maximize network performance.
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Our latest whitepaper, Maximizing WiFi 6E: How to embrace the 6 GHz spectrum—and the future—now, offers CSPs more actionable insights into implementing and managing WiFi 6E. Learn more about how Plume can help you leverage the ultra-wide 6 GHz spectrum and provide:

  • An intelligent, cloud-based consumer experience platform that enables faster, flawless connectivity and the delivery of the latest smart services to your subscribers.
  • Access to OpenSync, which enables the deployment of new technology and services faster, using existing hardware.
  • Optimized network performance management with its adaptive, AI-powered SaaS experience platform.

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