Armstrong reduces customer churn by 18.75% with Plume’s AI-driven, cloud-based solution

Learn how this broadband service provider transformed its service offerings quickly and at scale with a cloud-based experience management platform.

Armstrong’s ambition is to provide the best broadband service in the world, however, it was operating with architecture that was always a couple of steps behind the capability of retail WiFi providers. As customer calls and truck rolls increased, Armstrong recognized the need to up its game with a cost-effective solution that would improve in-home coverage, provide customers with more control over their WiFi network, and enable remote technical support.

Read this case study by OMDIA to learn how Armstrong leveraged Plume’s full data-centric, AI-driven, cloud-based platform to achieve up to:

33.8% increase in its net promoter score (NPS).

30% drop in WiFi-related service calls.

Better handling of customer concerns and issues also led to a drop in costly truck rolls.

18.75% reduction in customer churn.

12.5% growth in its subscriber base.

“As leaders in broadband technology, we know that the modern smart home requires a personalized approach tailored to each person, home and device. Plume does just that.” – Matt Weller, President

“While we know that Plume self-optimizes daily with real-time data usage in order to prioritize bandwidth when and where it’s needed, all our customers know is that an easy self-installation leads to a robust wall-to-wall Wi-Fi experience” – Matthew L. Dosch, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

“The value that Plume has brought us in terms of both new revenue opportunities and reduced truck rolls was recognized almost immediately. But most importantly, our customers love it!” – Steve Frey, General Manager

Plume® is the creator of the world's first SaaS experience platform for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and their subscribers. Deployed in more than 48+ million homes globally, Plume is the only open and hardware-independent solution that enables the rapid delivery of new services for connected homes (and beyond) at massive scale.