Device Release Notes

Firmware Release 2.4.3-98

This firmware release provides minor enhancements to robustness and uptime.

  • Bug Fix - SuperPod recovery failure when using Eth1 port with fixed MAC to IP address assignment in WAN DHCP server
  • Bug Fix - Handle IP Threat Protection with IPv6 WAN IP address
  • Bug Fix - Add robustness for IP Threat Protection corner case when the network is configured Router Mode
  • Bug Fix - IPv6 default route on the router not getting updated in all cases
  • Bug Fix - Avoid an unnecessary recovery reboot to increase uptime
  • Bug Fix - Handle a corner case to increase uptime robustness where recovery requires a hard reboot
  • Bug Fix - Fix a condition that causes a rare kernel crash 
  • Bug Fix - Improve AI Security robustness to prevent streaming services from becoming stuck on certain devices on PowerPod
  • Bug Fix - Fix for occasional FSM crashes that can affect uptime
  • Bug Fix - Fix for occasional CM process crashes that can affect uptime
  • Bug Fix - Reduced a DNS resolution timeout that caused failures in the security plugin
  • Bug Fix - Update for performance issues with V1 Pods in some cases
  • Bug Fix - Fix corner case that could cause leaf pod topology changes to fail
  • Bug Fix - Fix bug where Pod wasn't including it's own channel in 802.11k neighbor reports for better device steering
  • Bug Fix - Fix situation where PowerPod could reboot under heavy traffic
  • Enhancement - Reduced firmware image size (Pod)
  • Enhancement - Remove a no-longer necessary restart of the ethernet driver to improve port uptime
  • Enhancement - Test upstream router connectivity when the router does not reply to pings to prevent unnecessary loss of connectivity in some failure conditions