Introducing OpenSync Lite: Fast-track your network's potential instantly with expanded CPE compatibility

OpenSync Lite is here to complement the OpenSync framework and help CSPs rapidly expand their fully managed footprint.
OpenSync Lite is a streamlined version of OpenSync designed to rapidly connect in-field consumer premise equipment (CPE) with more limited capabilities to the Plume cloud, enabling Plume services. It allows CSPs to access all functionalities of the Haystack suite and to provide subscribers with essential features of the HomePass app.

Haystack offers CSPs with a powerful, all-in-one solution for monitoring, resolving, and preventing network issues. With unparalleled visibility into the subscriber network, Haystack enables CSPs to deliver top-tier support, swiftly diagnose problems, provide proactive customer care, and maintain a comprehensive overview of their network’s health and performance. Click here to learn more about Haystack.

The HomePass app empowers CSPs to deliver an enhanced consumer. It allows subscribers to fully optimize their WiFi, customize network profiles, and effortlessly manage connected devices throughout their home. Click here to learn more about HomePass.

OpenSync Lite enables HomePass essentials features




  • WiFi name and password
  • Device and WiFi optimization
  • Advance Device Typing
  • Device list and QoE
  • People profiles
  • Home freeze
  • Person freeze and timeout
  • Device freeze and timeout

Not Supported

  • Internet speed test
  • Multi-AP support
  • Network Priority
  • Content access

What makes OpenSync Lite powerful?

OpenSync Lite is the fastest OpenSync-compatible integration process to date. The integration and certification of OpenSync Lite can now be completed on in-field CPE within four to six weeks.

With OpenSync Lite, CSPs can benefit from:

  • Superior network performance. Expand your network visibility and troubleshooting capabilities to a wider range of CPEs, gaining a broader dataset to drive Plume’s adaptive monitoring, predictive network management, and improved issue resolution, while reducing OPEX.

  • Enhanced customer experience. Enable even more subscribers to access core features of the HomePass app, allowing them to optimize their WiFi fully, customize network profiles, and manage connected devices seamlessly.

  • Smarter legacy equipment. Rapidly extend Plume's core features to less capable in-field CPE, without requiring hardware replacement. Expand your managed network footprint, and collect critical insights from each new location to enhance overall performance.

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