Safe at home? Taking smart home security to the next level

Learn how Communications Service Providers can move up the value chain by offering cutting-edge, intelligent smart home security with flawless connectivity

Safe at Home_Taking smart home security to the next level

Since the pandemic, whole families have been working and learning from home for extended periods, placing high demands on their networks, not just in terms of bandwidth but also security. Every connected device in the household is a possible gateway for cyber-threats and Communications Service Providers must be able to safeguard customer privacy and data—as well as their networks—from malicious attacks, on top of providing basic connectivity. Merely providing a line and a modem (or router) is no longer enough.

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The ROI of adding intelligent, holistic home-network security to your portfolio, including a reduced churn rate of up to 30%.


How to mitigate the most common IoT vulnerabilities.


Six key advantages of holistic, AI-powered security.