WorkPass datasheet

Discover new revenue opportunities with WorkPass, the first-of-its-kind suite of intelligent services and management tools purpose-built for small businesses


For too long, small business owners (SBOs) have had to rely on networking systems designed for either residential use or large enterprises. With the arrival of Plume WorkPass, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can now offer SBOs the perfect platform for growth: fast, reliable, and secure connectivity and enterprise-grade capabilities without the high cost and complexity.

With 42% of small-medium businesses planning to increase spend on WiFi management, WorkPass offers new revenue and service opportunities for CSPs.

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WorkPass and the five key features

that equip SBOs with the productivity, security, and marketing superpowers to thrive.


Plume’s award-winning suite

of intuitive support tools for CSPs to optimize operations, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth.