Cloud Release Notes

Cloud 1.52

Planned release date:

January 30, 2020, 1am to 5am, CET for European customers (Wednesday night)

January 30-31, 2020, 10pm to 3am, PST for all other customers (Thursday night)

New Features 

  • Adaptive WiFi: Always fallback to "default" client steering profile if custom device type profile is not found
  • APIs: Provisioning/Customer APIs update partner Exchange Token to support account linking and partnerId for better 3rd party integration
  • APIs: Add additional fields (DNS Servers, GeoIP) to GET locations summary used for GDPR
  • APIs: Internal feature flag added and use DeviceType API instead of MongoDB
  • AI Security: Introduce integration plug in to Advanced IoT Protection for increased accuracy
  • GDPR: APIs supporting automation of GDPR Request to Forget requests
  • GDPR: Add automation support for additional data request components (networks, customer, Homepass, user profiles)
  • NOC: Removal of  "s static" device label
  • NOC: The Groups page is now available to Support user roles
  • NOC: Add total Data Consumption and ranking to the NOC Device Data Consumption graph
  • NOC: Fixed error in Device Data consumption chart data sumatory
  • NOC: Steering event graphs changed from Linear chart
  • OpenSync: Change CODA-4582 init condition from wan-ip to radios.
  • OpenSync: Change UBC1322 init condition from wan-ip to radios
  • OpenSync: Update WF-808 configuration to add basic opensync ref
  • OpenSync: Addition of 5 new model types for ISP 
  • OpenSync: Optimization of  device type syntax 
  • Plume Cloud: Added Orchestrator HA (for shard lookups)
  • Plume Cloud: Stop listening on deprecated kafka "controller.resyncLocation" topic

Resolved Issues

  • APIs: PATCH /import without specifying a PackID errors when over 18 nodes are specified
  • APIs: should allow scoped access tokens to logout (i.e., delete the token)
  • NOC: Expire date can not be set for access zones via NOC
  • NOC: Firmware time machine does not return correct results
  • OpenSync: Add Ethernet port to home bridge for model WF-808 after dry run
  • OpenSync: Add correct VIF IDs for EWM1330
  • OpenSync: ICMPv6 packets are dropped when traversing CT. This causes Neighbor Discovery protocol (ICMPv6) to not work on occasion.
  • Plume Cloud: Use non-conflicting type hints for sealed trait JSON serialization
  • Plume Cloud: DeviceType Healthcheck reports incorrect failure counts
  • Plume Cloud: DeviceType fails to reload DeviceDetector models
  • Plume Cloud: Zk device type changes are triggering DeploymentConfigChanged events every hour
  • Plume Cloud: IPQ807X-AP-HK09 model is not working as expected from cloud

Known Issues

  • Adaptive WiFi: 2.4G only clients may get a speculative kick as the expected throughput is compared with 5G as well, even if client does not support 5G.
  • AI Security: UPnP information is not seen when UPnP capable devices connected to leaf Pod behind some Gateway models
  • NOC: On the optimizer History clicking on "Changes" doesn't show the changes  for HomeHub 3000 type
  • NOC: Coverage alarms: no data available for GW pods
  • Plume Cloud: When DHCP server is not running on the GW but is running on a separate machine and set up is in bridge mode, IP addresses from DHCP cannot be received because Homepass filters traffic from DHCP Server device